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Native American tribes visit a 'sacred place' in Fairview Park

Benjamin Yessayian
Costa Mesa, CA

Oct 15, 2013 — --== A post from the Friends of Fairview Nature Park ==--

For the Friends of Fairview Nature Park members that were able to attend, it was an incredible emotional and spiritual experience. We are very thankful and grateful for the Tongva-Gabrielino and Acjachemen-Juaneno for coming out today in prayer.

It was a beautiful day with various raptors soaring above and a clear blue sky above them.

It's apparent that all of Fairview Park is part of one of the largest Native American villages in Orange County and the only place in Costa Mesa you can go to imagine what life would be like for humans living on the bluffs overlooking the floodplain of the river 9,000 years ago.

It's also apparent that the best way to honor this village, the people that are buried there, and the cultural resources discovered within is to leave the park the way it is, a nature park:,0,7421553.story


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