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Second Street West - Crosswalk Petition


Objective: To keep our residents and surrounding community safe. We strive to be a senior friendly community here in Riverdale and with the traffic and disregard for speed limits on Second Street West we fear the worst as our residents leave the front door. We have Cohen’s Dairy and Captain George’s Fish & Chips right across the street as well as additional parking. Once our Phase 2 building is ready and at full occupancy, we will have 170 Senior Residents, 50 club members who meet in our building a few times a month, residents’ visitors/family, homecare PSWs and 50-55 of our own Staff. We pulled together as a community 2 years ago to petition a crosswalk in our area, there was a speed track laid out and then no word of it was sent back to us. I personally have a hard time to cross the road in front our building and sometimes have just enough time to cross in a brisk walk. This would not leave enough time for a senior citizen or child to cross the road safely. This is what we need to realize is a safety issue in our community and that needs to be addressed by the City of Cornwall with an acceptable solution.   -Amanda Duff, Facility Coordinator, Riverdale Terrace.

“A Safer Community for All.”