Alonzo Tucker Statue in Coos Bay, Oregon

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Alonzo Tucker
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On Sept. 18, 1902, they hung Alonzo Tucker, already dead from multiple gunshot wounds, from a bridge in Marshfield (now Coos Bay).

Alonzo Tucker was never given a trial. Never able to speak! He was hunted by a mob of 200 people after escaping jail for a crime he DID NOT commit. Alonzo Tucker was an innocent man. Drug, shot, then hung in the city of Coos Bay, Oregon.

It is the ONLY documented racial lynching in Oregon history.

However, they have blatantly refused to have any memorial for Alonzo Tucker, The city manager claims it will “hurt the cities image” and has only agree on a plaque on the floor to “Honor” Alonzo. (There would be no context as to what happened or the background on this plaque. Just his name) 

We as a community have offer for pay 50% for the statue and the City still refuses. Coos Bay needs to be reminded the injustice that happened in their own town and work everyday to change this to ensure history NEVER repeats itself. There has been multiple racist art spray painted all over town after bringing Alonzo Tuckers name to light; the city of Coos bay has missing files and documents about Alonzo. As well has not teaching about this history in their schools. This story has been “covered up” for many years. 

Alonzo Tucker deserve a statue, The City of Coos bay needs to split the tab 50/50 and allow this piece of history to be known in order for our community to begin changing and healing. 

Alonzo Tucker will not go unknown any longer and his death will never be forgotten! 


-Alonzo Tucker Project.