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Martin Drake Coal Plant Deserves a Blue Frame

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Martin Drake Coal Plant Deserves a Blue Frame

We the undersigned do hereby declare that an Olympic City photo frame monument must be erected to feature all of our most beautiful sights in the Pikes Peak Region.  In addition to Pikes Peak and Garden of the Gods, our treasured Martin Drake Coal Plant deserves such a recognition.

A Treasure In Our Midst

Its not fair to residents and tourists alike to be limited in photo opportunities with this awesome blue photo frame at Garden of the Gods when an even more stunning sight to behold lies right in the heart of our downtown. The Martin Drake Power Plant is most certainly the most marvelous photo op in all of Colorado Springs.  The luminous clouds of pollution, the smell of burning coal in the air. How can the city withhold this remarkable opportunity from visitors to our Olympic City?  

Athletes Will Rejoice The Polluted Air of Olympic City USA

Athletes that come to train here for the altitude benefits will undoubtedly want to seal their memories of the asthma and other respiratory ailments they accumulate here through a photo in the Martin Drake frame. 

Dirty Air Advocates Can Celebrate

Who wants to look at our tremendous mountain range when you can gaze upon the jaw dropping splendor of a powerful and grimy coal plant? If we are going to call ourselves the Olympic City USA lets do it right! A photo frame selfie at Martin Drake would most certainly display our desire to promote asthma and compromised lungs to the whole world! Imagine the economic impact this would have on our fair city? Travelers would pour in from around the globe just to stand near the noxious plumes of beautiful pollution spilling from the plant’s smoke stacks! We are so lucky to live in a city that really ignores the health of its residents and visitors, and prioritizes environmental degradation and dirty energy. Lets show the world what an Olympic City really looks like!

Illegal Land Swap is Optimal Location 

We propose that the photo frame be erected in the Bear Creek parcel that the city acquired in the land exchange for a dynamite view of Martin Drake Power Plant. Strawberry Fields was dedicated as public land in 1885 but the city made a deal with the Broadmoor for an illegal land swap to benefit the Broadmoor Hotel and its wealthy clientele and steal land from the public. This is the perfect place to erect this frame as the Broadmoor claims the land will still be open to the public.  

Make Your Voice Heard On This Important Topic

Sign this petition today to speak loud and clear to our city officials that we love our Olympic Coal City USA and we want our region to be properly represented.  

If you haven't figured it out yet, this is satire. But please sign it anyway and support clean air for Colorado Springs!!

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