Show opposition to the Rivers Edge development with 850 apartments on the Spokane River.

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On Tuesday night, the Coeur d'Alene Planning Commission will consider a request from a Spokane developer to put approximately 2100 residents in 850 apartments in 21 high rise buildings on the Spokane Riverfront just west of Riverstone and the Atlas project. Five of the buildings will be 5-stories high and the remainder will be 6-stories high. Currently, there are only 7 buildings in existence or under construction in Coeur d'Alene that are 5-stories or higher. All are in the downtown. This development will result in a 300% increase in 5-story or more buildings in the City. You can also think of it this way: St. Maries, Idaho has about 2100 residents in a City that is 750 acres in size. This project will stuff those same 2100 residents into a 26 acre space that is only 3.4% the size of St. Maries.

It is anticipated that these apartments will add approximately 6000 vehicle trips per day to the neighborhood traffic. Much of that will go to Northwest Blvd. which ITD says can carry as many as 38,000 vehicles per day already. Many of us pushed for a major traffic study to be done and to be completed before any development such as Rivers Edge was approved. Welch-Comer was given an $87,000 contract from the City and Ignite CDA to conduct such a study but only the very preliminary results will be presented a few minutes before the hearing on the development. No one will have the ability to see and study the final version until after a decision is made. At a minimum, the hearing should be continued at least 30 days from now to allow the final version of the traffic study to be released and studied.

And what about schools for the residents of the development?

Please sign the petition below if you are a resident of Coeur d'Alene and if you STRONGLY oppose this development and/or the timing of this submittal. Your names will be submitted to the City before the hearing. There might also be a poll posted on local Facebook pages. Finally, try to show up on Tuesday to hear the presentation on the traffic study and the hearing on the development proposal. This is your City and you should be able to influence what happens here. You will be able to make a comment to the Planning Commission which could be as simple as saying that you "oppose the project as submitted." This is the link for the Planning Commision hearing packet:  And please share this link with every resident you know. We need to get this issue out in front of the Public and we have little time.