Say NO to the Residential Development of Glen Iris Golf Course

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The Glen Iris Golf Course is being sold to a private developer who intends to close the course and build housing on the land.  Glen Iris Golf Course is situated in the suburb of Jandakot and is the only golf course within the City of Cockburn.  The City has a population of nearly 112,000 people which is expected to grow to over 170,000 by 2036.  The City "is a progressive and community minded" it is about "discovering our way of life, lifestyle, coastal attractions, industry and commercial, parks, bushland and wetlands and urban hubs." (COC website)

The course was built 60 years ago and for all intents and purposes residents, the community and the golfers believed - and purchased land - and built homes - and regularly played - under the belief this much loved and used amenity would be as it is forever.  Only recently a person purchased a house and no mention was made about the golf course closing.  This is of serious concern.

The golf course is the home to not only people, families who love their homes, but of cockatoos, parrots, 28's, ducks and swans.  It is home to the native Quenda which is now endangered and does not like being relocated.

Join with us and say No to development of Glen Iris Golf Course.