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On April 30th, 2018 – the EYEJ Impact 25 Youth Council presented to Chief Williams of the Cleveland Police, Commanders, the Cleveland Indians along with many civic and business leaders, a request to partner to create positive change in the city of Cleveland.  Over 100 change agents of Cleveland attended in which the youth made a $140,000 partnership ask regarding recommendations in the areas of youth independency (life skills) and improving police – youth relationships. The youth council is eager to see their suggestions come to fruition as they believe that the recommendations are a win-win for all.  Thank you to Partnership for A Safer Cleveland and to the Cleveland Indians' Larry Doby Youth Fund for making this presentation possible.  The goal of the youth council is to create positive change in the City of Cleveland, helping to combat youth safety and partner with the Cleveland Police. The youth council decided organically and authentically to focus on 2 areas to help with this initiative: Police-Youth Independency (Life Skills) and Police - Youth Relationships.  Please see below their detailed recommendation.  ***PLEASE HELP TO PROVIDE YOUR SUPPORT IN HELPING THEIR ASK COME ALIVE AND TO CREATE POSITIVE CHANGE IN THE CITY OF CLEVELAND***
EYEJ Impact 25 Youth Council Presentation
EYEJ Impact 25 Youth Council Presentation Recap Video
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About the EYEJ Impact 25 Youth Council and it's members
Press (9 Plain Dealer articles including 2 front page and Ideas interview (IdeaStream/PBS/WVIZ))

About EYEJ
EYEJ Impact 25 Youth Council Partnership Request/Ask totals $140,000 and includes the following:
o  To continue the EYEJ Impact 25 Youth Council – Cost $50k/1 Year:
o  Hold monthly meetings to implement recommendations
o  Provide stipends for youth council
o  Allow for more time to strategize and fine-tune programming and recommendations
o  Create 3 sub committees, one representing each test school
o  Support and provide direction for EYEJ Youth Independency Manager
o  Manage outcomes and plan for 3 years  
o   Quarterly (4) facilitated in-school luncheons managed by the EYEJ Impact 25 Youth Council
o   Target served: 9thand 10thgraders, and the Cleveland Police
o  Recommendation to test in-school luncheons in 3 schools:
§ East Technical High School
§ Lincoln West High School
§ Martin Luther King Jr. High School
o   Mandatory field trip for all 9thgraders to go to Cleveland Police Academy training managed by the EYEJ Impact 25 Youth Council and Community Policing in the City of Cleveland.
o   Target served: 9thgraders.  Cost from Community Policing TBD.
o   To partner with the Cleveland Police and allow the youth council to be a resource and support
o   To have EYEJ run programming for the Youth Independency Discussion Series – 9 month course of weekly 1 hour facilitated in-school discussions about life skills topics with expert speakers. Nine topic areas. Topics change monthly. Target served: 9thgraders. Cost $25k to $30k per school.
o   Hiring of our own EYEJ Impact 25 Youth Council member to become the EYEJ Youth Independency Manager.  Responsibilities include:
o  Managing programming for Youth Independency Discussion Series program
o  Collaborating with EYEJ Impact 25 Youth Council and Community Policing to facilitate managed luncheons and help to coordinate academy trainings
o  Recommendation to test Youth Independency Discussion Series in 3 schools:
o  East Technical High School
o  Lincoln West High School
o  Martin Luther King Jr. High School