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A community mural is being proposed for the north wall of the building addressed 4490 Pearl Road, Cleveland, Ohio 44109, that faces Pearl Road.

It is no secret: murals make our neighborhoods beautiful! They add color to building walls and streets that would otherwise go unnoticed, which is a treat for locals and tourists alike. Murals attract new local businesses, help bring customers to pre-existing locations, and boost the economy of an area. We will design a visual art mural outline and base background, then welcome the community to come and enjoy the garden atmosphere as we bring the vibrant colors to life.

A mural is any piece of artwork painted or applied directly on a wall, ceiling, or other permanent surfaces. A distinguishing characteristic of mural painting is that the architectural elements of the given space are harmoniously incorporated into the picture. Art impacts us by allowing the freedom to express ourselves. Seeing art and collaborating with artists helps them understand that a lot of this world is created through art and creativity.

To make use of what is available, in the area, the fruit at hand. Instead of looking elsewhere for sustenance, to grow and feed off our own talent. In 2002 the first Latino owned and managed art gallery in the greater Cleveland metropolitan area was born, La Cosecha Galeria (The Harvest Gallery). But it stood for much more; it was an understanding, a union, an opportunity to display an identity. The ability to open the doors to other artists as an outlet to what is possible. Well received by the community, who until then were starved for a place to showcase their culture and artistic abilities. It always held a warm place in their heart and a revered memory for those that worked with them.

We have always welcomed artists to develop, not only as a studio artist, but as artists that collaborate and co-design with community partners or residents around a collaboratively defined aspiration. In an ongoing effort to support each other, several of the creative industry have become collaborators to bring forth light and a heritage identity upon the local arts and cultural scene. It's the individual effort of everybody working together towards a collective goal that causes real, effective change in the world.

Most of us appreciate the intrinsic benefits of the arts—their beauty and vision; how they inspire, soothe, provoke, and connect us. When it comes time to make tough funding choices, however, elected officials and business leaders need to have strong and credible data that demonstrate the economic benefits of a vibrant arts and culture industry. As the arts flourish, so will creativity and innovation—the fuel that drives our global economy. This is inspiring news for those whose daily task is to strengthen the economy and enrich quality of life. No longer do business and elected leaders need to choose between arts and economic prosperity. Nationally, as well as locally, the arts mean business.

We hope you join us on this endeavor to implement this project and increase our community creative spirit. We look forward to meeting with you face to face for a formal presentation. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.