Oppose the proposed used car lot at 2458 Harrison Ave

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There's a proposal for a used car lot at 2458 Harrison Avenue in Westwood.  We invite Westwood residents to consider the following points of opposition and, if convinced, sign our petition opposing the conditional use request for this site.

RE: Project ZH20140127

On January 20, 2015, The Westwood Civic Association (WCA) Board of Directors voted unanimously to oppose the Conditional Use request for 2458 Harrison Avenue. There was no one on the board or in the membership meeting who spoke in favor of the used car lot. The applicant/owners were invited to two meetings of the WCA, and did not respond.

Some of the reasons given were:
· The property owner is in arrears in property taxes, and this demonstrates a lack of regard for the City, County and taxpaying residents. It also shows that the owner might not be in a financial position to maintain an ongoing concern here.

· The subject property abuts residential zoned property on two sides. A used car lot would create noise, fumes, and possible hazardous fluid leaks within a few feet of residential property.

· The high volume of vehicle traffic caused by a used car lot would be too much for this walkable residential area. Pedestrian safety would be negatively impacted.

· Our neighborhood is in the process of working with the city to completely redraw the zoning map, and this use would not be allowed under zoning being considered for this area.

· A used car lot might be more appropriate on a larger, busier street, but Harrison and McHenry is a relatively small neighborhood intersection.

· The approved Westwood Strategic Plan calls for enhancing and improving our business districts and gateways. A used car lot would not be a desirable use at this location, would not be welcoming to our neighborhood guests, and would not adhere to our approved plan.

· The lot is very small for this kind of operation, and parking would almost certainly spill out into the street, causing traffic issues. This situation would be made worse by the fact that there is a very active fire station across the street.

According to Municipal Code Section 1445-13, The Zoning Hearing Examiner has the duty to consider many factors to determine if a Conditional Use is in the Public Interest.
Below are some of the factors that apply to the comments above, and support the case for denial of the conditional use-
(All of these are from 1445-13)

(a)Zoning. The proposed work conforms to the underlying zone district regulations and is in harmony with the general purposes and intent of the Cincinnati Zoning Code.

(c)Plans. The proposed work conforms to a comprehensive plan, any applicable urban design or other plan officially adopted by Council, and any applicable community plan approved by the City Planning Commission.

(d)Traffic. Streets or other means of access to the proposed development are suitable and adequate to carry anticipated traffic and will not overload the adjacent streets and the internal circulation system is properly designed.

(e)Buffering. Appropriate buffering is provided to protect adjacent uses or properties from light, noise and visual impacts.

(f)Landscaping. Landscaping meets the requirements of Chapter 1423, Landscaping and Buffer Yards.

(g)Hours of Operation. Operating hours are compatible with adjacent land uses.

(h)Neighborhood Compatibility. The proposed work is compatible with the predominant or prevailing land use, building and structure patterns of the neighborhood surrounding the proposed development and will not have a material net cumulative adverse impact on the neighborhood.

(i)Proposed Zoning Amendments. The proposed work is consistent with any proposed amendment to the zoning code then under consideration by the City Planning Commission or Council.

(j)Adverse Effects. Any adverse effect on the access to the property by fire, police, or other public services; access to light and air from adjoining properties; traffic conditions; or the development, usefulness or value of neighboring land and buildings.

(n)Tax Valuation. Any increase in the real property tax duplicate.

(p)Public Benefits. The public peace, health, safety or general welfare.

As you can see when you consider these points, the negative impact of a used car lot at this location far outweighs any possible benefit to the community.

Respectfully submitted,

Jim McNulty
President, Westwood Civic Association

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