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Petitioning Mayor, City of Cibolo, TX Jennifer Hartman and 1 other

Stop the planning and building of a Walmart Supercenter in Cibolo, TX.

If this Walmart Supercenter is built as proposed it would be directly across the street from an Elementary School and a church and a quarter mile from a junior high with only residential roads for access. This proposed location is completely illogical!  What affect will a Walmart Supercenter have on the the traffic, the safety of our children, the crime rate, housing values, and the peace and quiet of our beautiful neighborhood?! Please help us stop this!!!

Letter to
Mayor, City of Cibolo, TX Jennifer Hartman
Economic Development Director, City of Cibolo, TX Mark Luft
Please stop the planning and building of a proposed Walmart Supercenter in a quiet residential neighborhood in the small town of Cibolo, TX.