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Fight Crime not Art! Save the Flying Doughnut Mural (and others like it)

Photo Credit Tim Barber for the Times Free Press

A Chattanooga city inspector says this art mural of flying doughnuts is an illegal advertisement for a nearby bakery and wants to paint over it to make it a blank wall again. This is no idle threat, it's already happened at BrewHaus in Chattanooga.

In effect, this means this mural would be fine if it was across the street, a mural of flowers would be fine anywhere EXCEPT near a florist, and a mural of dogs anywhere EXCEPT near a doggie day care.

Let's encourage policy makers to change the sign ordinance if necessary to allow us to keep this mural. Let's support small businesses, allowing them invest in more public art in the future, beautifying our public spaces at no cost to the taxpayer. Thank you for reading and please sign if you agree!

To support even more (fully legal) public art in Chattanooga, please contribute even $1 to The McCallie Walls Mural Project's Causeway campaign!

Read the original Times Free Press article: here:

You can read the city sign ordinance here: - Advertising.pdf

Letter to
Chattanooga City Coucil, District 7 Chris Anderson
Mayor Andy Berke City of Chattanooga, Tennessee
Chattanooga City Councilman District 7 Chris Anderson
I would like the city government to revisit the Chattanooga Sign Board Ordinance in order to clearly exempt art murals from the sign board review process and taxation regardless of visual content. If it has no words, characters, logos, or contact information it is a mural and not an advertisement. Please support local businesses (including artists) by allowing small businesses to invest in public art of their choosing for the beautification of our city.

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