Save Eastland DIY Skatepark

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Charlotte City Council unanimously approves Eastland Mall site Redevelopment. Our Eastland DIY skatepark is located in this area. It has become a staple in the NC and Charlotte skate communities. Charlotte is the biggest city in NC without a proper Skatepark that is up to date with current skateparks and skate plazas. We built Eastland DIY for the skate community to have a free and no-hassle place for kids and adults to skateboard. Over the past 5 years, Eastland DIY has grown to be a great place for skateboarders of every race and background. We all come together as one for skateboarding, from the local shops, Black Sheep and Armada, to even bigger companies showing up to do demos to skate with locals of the Charlotte scene.

What we want is for Charlotte City Development to include Eastland DIY in their plans for a park and green space. We want to maintain the park, but we need dumpsters to handle trash, lights that stay on for proper skating at night and basic landscaping to make the area look better.

I have seen young kids grow and master their craft at Eastland DIY. It's an Amazing thing when people come together and make something great for everyone to enjoy. Over $15,000 worth of concrete, steel, and sweat equity has been put into our Charlotte skate spot...and we want to see it remain a part of East Charlotte.