Protect patients from harassment, and support a new sound ordinance in Charlotte!

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This year, Charlotte City Council members are discussing the implementation of a new sound ordinance that would protect reproductive health clinics, as well as schools and places of worship, from harassment and intimidation. This ordinance would prohibit the use of amplified sound within 200 feet of any medical facility, place of worship, or school during their posted business hours.

In Charlotte, this type of ordinance is long overdue. The city has become the staging ground for arguably the largest antichoice protests in the nation, and the constant barrage of intimidation and harassment outside of abortion clinics doesn't just affect these patients - it impacts the daily lives of our community as a whole. It is important to note that the goal of this ordinance is not to limit free speech: protesters can still gather and picket outside of the designated areas during their business hours while remaining under the already existing decibel levels provided by the city. 

Please sign this petition and let Charlotte City Council that you support this new ordinance, as well as patients and citizens everywhere in Charlotte, no matter their religion, education, or healthcare choices!

For more information on the proposed ordinance, please see the Council committee notes here.

You can also check out local news coverage here.