Petitioning City of Charleston, South Carolina

Reopen the James Island Connector to bicyclists and pedestrians.

(Photo by Grace Beahm of the Post and Courier)

Many of us all over the state supported Bill S.1375, sponsored by state senators Campsen, Hutto, and Ford. Signed into law in June 2012 with only two dissenting votes, it provides certain exceptions for bicyclists and pedestrians to use controlled-access roadways like the James Island Connector.

The next step? The City of Charleston must pass an ordinance to reopen the Connector to bikes and pedestrians, but first wants to retrofit the Connector to make it safer.

The purpose of this petition is to show the City of Charleston that we can’t wait to bike, walk, and run the Connector again! We’re ready and willing to help any way we can to reopen the Connector as soon as possible!

Letter to
City of Charleston, South Carolina
This petition and signatures will be printed and presented to Charleston City Council when complete. Thank you for signing!