Reinstitute Calhoun Street's original name, Boundary Street

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William Coffin
Nov 10, 2021
Past time to stop honoring the pro-slavery Calhoun.

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Donna Minatra
Oct 20, 2021
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George Briscoe
Oct 20, 2021
I am a descendant of the Charles Towne First Fleet on both sides of my family and a 1st Cousin (Six times removed) of John C. Calhoun. I FULLY SUPPORT THIS PETITION. As a U.S. Senator, John C. Calhoun spoke in the chambers and fully espoused the so-called “virtues” of slavery. He was also the first U.S. Vice President to resign his office. The only other was Spiro T. Agnew, Nixon’s 1st V.P.

When I am in Charleston, I do not take pride in my ancestral family name of Calhoun as I pass or drive on that street, for I know that it’s not named for the family, but for one of the most racist men in American history. It must be heartbreaking for our African-American friends and fellow citizens to have to see that name on their way to church or in their daily lives.

It is far past time for the street name to change, even if it’s just back to the historically relevant original name.

- George Fishburne Briscoe