Increase urban tree cover across the City of Charles Sturt

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I am petitioning the City of Charles Sturt to develop a plan to Green and Cool our streets by increasing annual tree plantings so that all empty spaces are filled with trees.

In the City of Charles Sturt, Street tree planting is carried out on a by-request basis.

Council should be commended for declaring a Climate Emergency on Monday the 9th of December 2019 and I would like to encourage our Elected Members to start addressing the issue with positive action.

I recently cycled along every road in my suburb of West Croydon and counted 268 homes, business, reserves and schools without street trees in front of them! This was a conservative estimate. There are 40 suburbs in the City of Charles Sturt so that's potentially over 10,000 locations for new trees!

Between 2010 and 2015 Council planted 5279 street trees and removed 5345. That's a deficit of 66 trees.

Trees are wonderfully effective at improving the micro-climate of our streets, which makes tree planting an effective and efficient way to adapt to climate change. The leaves of trees absorb and dissipate much of the sun’s radiation.

Planting trees is one of the biggest and cheapest ways for Local Government to take CO2 out of the atmosphere and tackle the climate crisis.

In February 2017 the City of Charles Sturt conducted Urban Heat mapping which showed 20.1% (20,908) of residents live within a daytime heat island. It also showed that tree lined streets were at least 8°C cooler than nearby streets with fewer or no trees.

A 2017 Australian study showed that leafy, tree lined streets can add up to $20,000 of value to a property.

What would it cost? Shade trees save road surfaces and overall costs for maintenance are reduced in the long term.

A recent DPTI report identified 2,000 homes were demolished across Adelaide for urban infill each year over a seven year period. Quite often these homes have two or more mature trees which are being replaced with big houses on small blocks with no trees.

The South Australian Government has a Planning and Development Fund which collects money each time a block is infilled.

Grants are available to Local Government to improve the conservation, enhancement and enjoyment of public open spaces to provide communities access to quality green public open space for positive health and wellbeing outcomes.

Council can't and shouldn't do this alone. It requires support from community members who are prepared to adopt the tree in front of their property.

If you value green streets please sign this survey and include your suburb so it can be submitted to Council.

Pleas share with Charles Sturt friends.

If you have a property in the City of Charles Sturt without a street tree and would like one you can apply here.