Remove Marc Michelli and Lauren Patin from the IT Development Committee

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There have been vile and malicious attacks on the citizens of Central by the two named citizens of the petition.  Their online presence and they way they conduct themselves is unbecoming of that of someone in a leadership role in a committee in the City of Central. 

As you may or may not be aware there have been vile and vicious verbal attacks against the citizens of this community on Facebook by members of the IT development committee. While you may ask, what does this have to do with you, I will answer by saying everything. These are people who were appointed by the Council into a leadership role in the committee and our community. There have been lines that have been crossed by one person of the committee that can't be un crossed. There is a plethora of individuals in our community that now feel the validity of the committee has been tarnished.

Their continued belittling of people of the community for disagreeing with them on these matters were of much astonishment.

As members of the committee, you would think or assume that they would have more respect for themselves and other members of this community on social media. Marc has since removed his Facebook profile and it is the understanding of the majority that he has created a fake profile to continue the torment of people on Facebook, Lauren just continues to do so in her own name. 

I will ask and urge you to please consider signing this petition for the removing Marc and Lauren from the committee, as their past and current vile attacks continue to torment the citizens of this community.

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