Residents of Botanic Ridge Acacia/Summerhill demand Casey to provide a better playground

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The park that has been constructed in the Acacia/Summerhill estate can be best described as a disgrace and an insult to the residents, the infrastructure levy paid and ongoing rates.

The city of Casey have a reputation of providing fantastic sport and recreational facilities. Unfortunately in this case they have not provided and residents have been left feeling cheated and ripped off especially considering the parks in all the estates around us in the city of Casey are of a high standard with an abundance of equipment. 

Peet, the developer have been contacted and there response was far from inspiring and they basically said the other Park, “may” be better but they are working with council planning on this. The other land allotted to the next park is less than half the size so it is hard to believe they are planning on putting a suitable amount of equipment there, it certainly wont be an abundance and they will put the smallest one that they can get away with.

Both parks have been approved by council planning so city of Casey is directly responsible for the sub standard infrastructure provided to the resident rate payers of Acacia/Summerhill.

So I am asking that council act swiftly to remedy this insult of a park and restore the residents faith that Casey is at the forefront in providing excellent sport and recreation facilities for its rate payers.