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Petition to build a "Gugulethu Wall of Hope" to inspire the youth

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About two years ago, the Gugulethu Youth Development Council (GYDC) identified land plot "ERF 8743" (in Gugulethu), which is situated next to the Gugulethu Police Station and College of Cape Town (Gugulethu Campus). The GYDC then submitted an enquiry to the City of Cape Town to use that empty portion of land to build a 20 square metres long wall (the Gugulethu Wall of Hope), whereby young people of this generation will decorate creatively and express their challenges as well as messages of hope. 

The cornerstone meaning behind this initiative is to:

  • Define the persona and the essence of Gugulethu, inspire heritage, culture while leaving a legacy.
  • Propel the youth to restore faith in finding methods to complete actions using their intellect and creative abilities; 
  • Speak for the people of Gugulethu and be a welcoming tribute to all walks of humanity.

The wall will contain:      

  1. A map with directions to other landmarks around Gugulethu for visitors. 
  2. A brief writing about the history of Gugulethu. 
  3. A small garden with a fountain. This can greatly benefit the visitors of the Wall of Hope because it will be a calming environment, which will in turn make it a space where the local youth can visit to seek inspiration. 
  4. An embedded outdoor broadcasting screen to show documentaries about the history of Gugulethu, local entertainment, as well as other relevant and positive content to keep the local youth inspired to do more with their lives.
  5.  A free WiFi connection for all guests.

Please sign your name to support this initiative and make this vision possible for the youth of Gugulethu.

for more information, contact:

Adelaide: +27 78 7473 691  - 

Xolile:       +27 78 5603 168  -



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