Clive Cupido Park

Clive Cupido Park

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Jason Hanslo started this petition to City of Cape Town and

Application to have a Park in Bellville South named Clive Cupido Park in celebration of his short life and the merciless death at the hands of securty police. We make the application on behalf of the community in accordance with the NAMING POLICY
C 60/08/12. 

Clive Cupido

Clive was born in Bellville South on the 25 August 1967 to his mother Maureen and father Christian. He attended Goeiehoop Primary school and Kasselsvlei High school. He loved playing rugby like his dad.

Clive was shot dead by a Sgt. Cloete a member of the SAP in Bellville on the 29 August 1985, in the widespread protest and police shootings that followed the Pollsmoor march held the previous day.

The Magistrate found that the cause of death was a gunshot wound to the chest and that no-one can be held responsible for the cause of death.

Clive's funeral was held at the VGK church in Bellville South. Beyers Naude and Allan Boesak were the officiating Dominees. The memorial service was packed, some people had to stand outside and listen to the service on loudspeakers. After the service a walking procession took place down Modderdam Road on the way to Belhar Cemetery. It was led by Dr Allan Boesak with journalists taking photos and television cameramen on motorcycles taking pictures.

His mother testified at his Truth and Reconcilliation hearing at UWC on the 5 August 1996 in the case no: CT/00222

He is still fondly remembered by the Bellville South community who holds him in high regard. An application is in the process for the naming of Goeiehoop Park in his honour.

Disclaimer: In terms of historical information the hurtful terms should be read in context of the time. The article is in no way or form my own personal opinion and should not be seen that I am for or against any party affiliation.
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For this we implore you, the community of Bellville South and Cape Town to sign our petition and ensure that this memorial serves as a reminder to all others to cherish the lives of everyone. 

0 have signed. Let’s get to 200!
At 200 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!