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Founded in 1957, this Club has become an integral part of the Canning community. It has also been home to the Canning City Lions and other local community organisations for over 20 years. Though for the past few years the Club has struggled and faced different challenges, since the appointment of a management accountant in September 2015 the Club has reduced its sundry creditors by more than 70%, has put checks and governances in place to ensure best practise, and is gaining further support from our local community. It is thus extremely disappointing that the Club is being denied the opportunity to negotiate any extension to its current lease and has been told it will be locked out of its premises at the end of March 2016, and not offered any alternative premises in which to operate in its own right.

The Club has paid its lease payments for the current financial year per the agreed schedule without fail since the aforementioned accountant was appointed, and has complied with the conditions the City outlaid for the extension of the Club's tenure off-lease until 31 March. As such, we find no valid reason for the City not to enter negotiations for the renewal of the Club's lease.

We call on the City of Canning to recognise the achievements and progress made by Cannington Bowling Club (inc.) in the past six months, and to tender the Club a lease of a minimum of 18 months, to allow the Club time to consolidate its efforts and prove its future viability.

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