Stop the minor hockey lockout!

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Hi everyone

the city of Campbellton chose to lock out the kids from playing minor hockey at the Campbellton Civic Center. 

The petition is to allow the children of the area to live their lives without being effected by political propaganda. These children are our future and we need to protect them! It is not right that the children suffer due to the fast and unethical decision made by the mayor and council of Campbellton New Brunswick.

Why does this effect the entire community you ask? By canceling Minor hockey, we are showing these kids that we do not care about them as a community. These children will grow up remembering how they were treated. In the not so far future, these kids will go on to university and will have a choice where they will reside and pay taxes as a community member. These kids are our future! And we are slowing killing any chance for them to come back to the area. 

Businesses! The tournaments that are held every year at the Civic Center bring hundreds of outsiders to our area. These people eat at our restaurants, buy from out merchants and stay in our hotels. The city of Campbellton chose to take that money away from you with this decision. We complain about the dying economy yet we allow the city to decide to take a huge revenue directly out of our hands. 

Government! We the populous of New Brunswick spend Millions of dollars a year on health education, diabetes prevention and obesity awareness. The number one tool to combat ALL of these childhood illnesses is PHYSICAL EXERCISE! Yet the city chose to stop 267 children from this important preventative measure. The CITY chose to stop promoting a healthy life style for our youth.  They took away the most important physical activity for these children. They took away their passion and love for a sport that supported all what we stand for as a community and a province. For what, a price tag... 

Argument- the minor hockey association talked to the city and indicated that they will have 2 teams. One in Dalhousie and one in Campbellton. The kids in Campbellton would posses leisure cards. The ones in Dalhousie will not. THIS WAS STILL REFUSED. 

The city of Campbellton made exceptions for other organizations that IF they paid full ice price (fees) the individuals using the ice would NOT have to posses a leisure cars.  The minor hockey association asked if that would be a possibility for them seeing that the city subsidized ice time for minor hockey. This was DENIED. It is ok for some but not for others. 

We as a community must stand up for our children, our future. 

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