Say No To Toxic Landfill Expansion In Campbell River

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There is a plan approved by the Province of British Columbia to expand the Old Pulp Mill's toxic solid waste site by double the size based on an old permit from 1972.

The plan is 82,000 tons dumped per year: Boiler ash, Asbestos, Solid sewage sludge, Dredged material, Contaminated collection water, Demo debris, Contaminated metal/wood, and mineral soil are all the approved materials.


  1. Waste will be barged in from Vancouver
  2. An Endangered Roosevelt Elk herd lives right in the proposed development area.
  3. Residents live nearby, in a farming community.
  4. 600 plus acres to be rezoned from ALR to Industrial 4...  meaning a range of other potential industries...
  5. The City of Campbell River 2018 anual report lists this company as a top 10 tax contributor.
  6. The investor in this site is Shanghai Energy Cooperation based out of China.
  7. The company in question: Numbered company #0942069 Ltd. has what appears as questionable credibility as seen with a little online research.
  8. Many neighbors have wells and natural springs which connect to an underground aquifer which has not been tested for contaminants.
  9. The proposed landfill site will rely on a water collection and pumping system, and will only keep contaminants from running into the ocean, when the system is balanced and operating properly.
  10. Site operation admitted waste permit #1602 has a bad legacy ... referring to past dump areas and leaching.

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