Citizens of Campbell River against 580 dogwood becoming supportive housing for homeless

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This petition is to show the citizens of Campbell River do not support building supportive housing on 580 Dogwood. The reasons and risks are as follows-

1- High risk for children. There is a school across the street, as well as 3 more within a 2 km radius.  It will create risks of needlestick injuries, unknown people on the path of childrens walk to school, among many other risks of homeless people(who are quite possibly on drugs) being near children. The people with children in our neighborhood(which is everyone) are horrified and fear their children will be in danger.  Our experience living in Vancouver and Victoria have shown that children are very high risk to needlestick injuries because they just don't know. There is literally a daycare on Victoria Crescent. Every second property has a family here.  The people in the facility will wander into our neighborhood and cause problems with our families and endanger our childen of a needlestick injury in our own yards. 

2-Property crime usually goes up when a place like this is built, it is inevitable as well as more needles appearing in peoples yards for a 2km radius of a facility such as this one. Petty theft and home break ins and invasions are fairly normal near a facility such as this, as shown by the one installed in Nanaimo and Parksville.  There are articles out already outlining the damage they have done to wonderful neighborhoods south island.

3-Other properties more suitable. There are other properties more suitable(such as the old paramount building) which are closer to the facilities they need such as BC Health, Methadone clinic etc Everyone we consult with appears to support supportive housing, yet we all agree that this is not an appropriate lot.  It should be outside of family neighborhoods to keep the public safe while still providing services for those in need, at risk or facing homelessness. 

4-Taxpayer support.  No one backing onto the proposed lot, or within 1km radius wants this facility.  The neighbors have been meeting and there are already 4 pages of petition from people directly affected. No consultation has been done with people directly affected and it appears they want to bully their way in. We are making the online petition as we've already had quite a few hard copy signatures but we want to show we are not alone in the community.

5-Property value- Although the city planners maintain the property value will stay or go up regardless, this is an outright lie as parksville has already shown the homes near the facility went down up to 30% in home equity. 

6-Public safety- More altercations and unknown people in neighborhoods nearby will make it more difficult for people to go outside at night, let their children play at dusk, let their children play without checking the yard for needles.   This inevitably(even with security) will cause a decline in public safety in a family area of Campbell River, making it a less desirable place to live.  Why move to CR when it will feel more dangerous? Why stay in CR if your politicians are undermining your nice quiet beautiful neighborhood?  

Summary- The points outlined above show some of the real risks, dangers and lack of public support for this project. Please sign and help keep our neighborhood safe, and push the City into finding a more appropriate property to help our homeless, who do, after all need help.  Thank you for you time.