Install Traffic lights at Castleridge Blvd NE and Westwinds Dr NE

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The intersection of Castleridge Blvd NE and Westwinds Dr NE sees a heavy traffic flow throughout the day and, without the safety of traffic lights at this intersection, there is often chaos and confusion for commuters (and pedestrians) causing both frustration and accidents.

This petition is an appeal to the City of Calgary to install traffic lights at the aforementioned intersection urgently to prevent any future serious mishap that appears likely to happen given the frequent usage of this intersection and the chaos that ensues. 

Request to Petitioners: Please sign below to strengthen our voice in ensuring that City of Calgary acts immediately and effectively. It’s in your hands now. 

Thank you. 

- Roop Rai


Update on August 22, 2018 @ 1:50 PM

I called the City at 311 today. Per the City of Calgary website, the TAC score for the intersection at Castleridge Blvd and Westwinds Dr is only 70, and a score less than 79 means that a traffic signal isn’t warranted at this time and that the City won’t repeat the Traffic Signal Warrant study for at least two years "unless conditions change".

The City uses a warrant system to decide where new traffic signals are needed for safe, efficient traffic flows. Requests for new signals are  granted for locations that meet the warrant criteria (the TAC score of higher than 100):

100 or higher: A traffic signal is warranted.
80-99: A traffic signal isn’t warranted at this time. However, we’ll put the intersection on a watch list and repeat the study each year.
≤0-79: A traffic signal isn’t warranted at this time. We won’t repeat the study for at least two years unless conditions change.


1. We continue to sign this petition and rally up the support that our City representatives may need to acknowledge that 'conditions' may have changed and another study needs to be repeated. Especially given that the intersection at the 47 St NE and Westwinds Dr NE has a TAC score of 102 and is warranted a traffic signal already. I tried to get more information on why there was such a massive difference in the scorings between the two intersections because the traffic volume is similar for both intersections, but the City has not provided that information yet. My 311 request is in, and I was advised that someone from City Roads will be in contact soon. 

2. If we can't get a traffic signal at this intersection for now, perhaps a 4 way stop could be an answer to better manage the traffic flow in the meantime? I have put in a request for that as well through 311 and am waiting for an answer. 

3. I called the Police non-emergency line as well to get some information on the collision severity and frequency at this intersection because that is one of the most important factors in the calculation of the TAC score (per City), and Police said that they wouldn't have that kind of information in regards to one intersection. However, if we would like to request more police presence around the intersection to ensure safety, we can put in a request online, which I appreciate. 

4. The City has been informed of this petition, and it is on their record. I have contacted Councillor George Chahal's office as well to get them engaged, and waiting for a response.

5. For now, let's share and sign this petition as much as we can. We will continue the conversation with the City and the City Councillor, and hopefully, get some results. Because safety matters!! 

 - Roop 


Update on AUG 23, 2018 @ 3:49 PM — 

First of all, thank you very much to everyone who has signed this petition. Almost 1000 signatures in just 2 days is an excellent representation of the need for the change that this petition seeks. The signatures depict the number of residents who agree that this intersection requires another look immediately, and hopefully, an action plan by the City for better traffic management so that no one gets hurt. 

At this point, I would like to extend my appreciation to the office of Ward 5 Councillor Chahal's office who were receptive to our concerns, and did return my call. They said that they have been working on this intersection with the City administration to address the traffic and safety concerns, and this intersection is probably at least a year away from getting some traffic control devices. They are happy to work with the residents to take this forward, and I thank them for their diligent engagement.

While I fully respect the restraints of due process and protocol, I think it's also important that City listens to the voice of its residents. A year away, in my opinion, is too long. I sincerely hope that the signatures and support of this petition will help strengthen the argument that it makes. If traffic signals can't be installed, another measure like a 3-way stop may work as a stop-gap arrangement perhaps, but something needs to be done. People's safety matters. 

I will leave this petition open, and look forward to more of your signatures to make this case stronger for our Ward 5 office to advocate on. In the meantime, I will update only when I hear back on anything from the City. If you would like to contact the Ward 5 office directly, please email them at 

Thank you once again for raising your voice! :)


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