Time for Calgary to cut the #CofRedTape!

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Plain & simply: Calgary is a beautiful place to live.

We are incredibly fortunate to live in a city that affords us as many luxuries that most cities around the world could only dream of. Sure we may have to put up with some brutal winter weather, but we have the rocky mountains in our backyard, a picturesque skyline, world renowned post-secondary institutions, diverse culture, and some of the greatest people in the world.

What is  truly beautiful is the innovation in small business that our citizens continue to raise the bar with. From food and beverage, service and supply, to technology and innovation; small business is the forefront of Calgary's current and future economy.

The large issue being the red tape that small businesses continues to be bound by. The most recent tales of our friends Tool Shed Brewing Co. are yet another example of small business who are being held back by the City's endless red tape. After the winter we had, all we want is to sit outside, and enjoy a beer on their patio. Alas, after 11 months of paperwork, $10,000+ in costs, and 600+ man hours; we still cannot. (Full story here)

At what point is small business going to simply say 'enough is enough'? What will be the straw that breaks small business' backs?

Sign this petition not only to get Tool Shed's patio (finally) approved, but to send a message to Mayor Nenshi & the rest of the City of Calgary that this type of action (or lack thereof) is no longer acceptable.

It is time to change. It is time to cut the #CofRedTape.