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Stop the construction of buildings and fences in our Off Leash Dog Parks, specifically the one located in BP Birth Place Forest in Silver Springs.

Silver Springs has a beautiful Off leash dog area that is located in and around the BP Birth Place Forest in Silver Springs.  This area is clearly defined and has been for over 30 years. It is enjoyed by over 150 dog owners and their dogs year round. 

About 10 years ago, a group of people decided to create a "Gardens Group" and build their Gardens in the off leash dog area.  This was a concept that was not opposed to as it was a small and gradual undertaking.  As well, the number of dog owners was a fraction of what it is now.

After a while of building the Gardens and slow expansion, the Gardens Group decided they needed motorized vehicles to take care of the expansion as it had gotten too large to walk around and tend to.  Keep in mind the Gardens are located in an off-leash dog park.  Motorized vehicles are not allowed in off-leash dog areas or in any city park whatsoever... however, the Gardens Group did not care.  They went and got a motorized vehicle to tend to their gardens.

Then after a while they decided they needed a shed to hold all of their tools and their motorized vechicle and trailer.  It is not enough to drive it from their property, they wanted one onsite.  It is illegal to build a buidling in an off-leash dog park, let alone a city park, but they went ahead and did it.  This is called "Shed 1". 

Then they decided they needed another shed at the opposite end of the Garden Expansion so they could store more there.  This is illegal in an off-leash area, it is illegal in a city park, but they went ahead and did it anyway.

Then they decided that one motorized vehicle was not enough.  The Gardens had grown and grown and they now needed more.  So they now use their own trucks, and vehicles, as well as the other smaller ones, during the summer to move all of their equipment to tend to the gardens.  This means over 2 - 5 vehicles at some times driving through an off-leash dog park.  This is illegal but they do it anyway.

Then they decided they needed a stone labrynth for people to walk around and meditate on.  It would have stone patio blocks in the ground, and would have wooden pergolas in the entrance.  They asked for permission to build it.  The city said no.  They built it anyway, against the city and their designs.

There is a continual pattern that is occuring.  It is one of constant expansion within a off-leash dog park.  It is not slowing down.  As well, because of the expansion, they want more buildings to house their equipment.  They want more fencing to keep dogs out.  They don't care about dogs and the fact they chose to do all their activities in an off-leash area.  They view the space as their own to do with what they want.

It is now on their agenda to build another Shed in 2015.  They also want to build an information Kiosk in 2015 and they want to surround "Shed 1" with a 6 foot high chain link fence.  We fear there is no end to the growth they desire which will mean more fences and buildings.  We want these buildings and fences to be stopped, managment is fine, but no more buildings and fences.  City parks and off-leash dog parks are not for motorized vehicles, buildings and other illegal structures.  They are not for post and chain fences that pose tripping hazzards to animals and people alike.  We need support for this, there is no controlling this group.  They do what they want. 

Please support the petition and help us stop all of the expansion in our beautiful off leash dog park.

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