No cell phone tower on GCA school playground and neighborhood

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Parents and neighbors, join us! Say no to Rogers’ proposal on constructing a new wireless communication tower near Glenmore Christian Academy school (GCA) playground and right in the middle of the school emergency path to muster point.

safety is at a concern! the tower could potentially block the students running away from emergencies!  

more importantly, GCA playground is only 30 meters within the tower, it is obvious that such a close distance will have significant impact on teachers and students’ health (high posibility of getting cancer). Even Rogers says there will be no such health impact, but it is lack of evidence of proof and not convincing.

Bridlewood neighbors who is within the 300 radius meters will also be affected by wireless radiation. Again, Rogers has no sound evidences to approve that there will be no health impact. 

There are more than 1000 students and many many teachers living daily in this area, please say no to the wireless communication tower, please help them to be safe!