Support for West Side Housing Project

Support for West Side Housing Project

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PUSH Buffalo started this petition to City of Buffalo Planning Board John Fell and Nadine L. Marrero

PUSH Buffalo is planning new affordable housing units to be built on the West Side to address an increased need for access to quality, affordable housing by renovating and constructing new homes as well as enhancing the neighborhood fabric by coordinating investments in infrastructure and rehabilitate vacant lots.

Right now, we're seeking support for PUSH Buffalo’s West Side Homes project and the request for Site Plan approval for the project: 49 units of affordable and sustainable housing on the West Side, and especially their developments at 146 Rhode Island, 625 West, 225 W. Delavan, 297 Parkdale, and 301 Parkdale.

About the Project:
The Buffalo Neighborhood Stabilization Company Inc (BNSC), the housing development arm of PUSH Buffalo, proposes to develop 49 units of high quality affordable rental housing development on Buffalo’s West Side. The project was conceived to align with BNSC and PUSH Buffalo’s organizational missions to create sustainable housing, community facilities, and living wage jobs for West Side residents. Through a planning process that began in 2017, community members identified these sites to be returned to use as affordable housing and have been directly involved in the planning and conception of the project. The project is strategically situated within and adjacent to PUSH Buffalo’s Green Development Zone, an area on the West Side that PUSH and BNSC have designated for targeted affordable housing reinvestment and community building initiatives.

The project is expected to include 2 substantially rehabilitated and 14 newly constructed buildings, which will consist of 2 family homes and some small multi-family buildings on 11 sites.  BNSC has also partnered with Best Self Behavioral Health to designate 30% of the apartments for homeless individuals and families with a substance use disorder or serious mental illness.

PUSH and BNSC have extensive experience with developing and managing quality affordable housing and community spaces. BNSC uses a variety of strategies to create a safe, decent, and viable neighborhood on the West Side of Buffalo. This Project fits directly within the creativity, vitality, and spirit of Buffalo’s Massachusetts Avenue Corridor Green Development Zone (GDZ) and the vision that its residents have for its future. The GDZ was founded by PUSH in 2008. It is a place-based initiative anchored in a 25-block section of the city’s West Side that includes green affordable housing construction, community-based renewable energy projects, housing weatherization, green jobs training and urban agriculture.
The best plans and the ones with the highest likelihood of success build on the assets currently available and address the daily needs of those currently living on the West Side. This new project proposes a strategy that meets these local needs, reinforces the positive work that has been going on for several years, and works toward a comprehensive and sustainable neighborhood with opportunities for all who live here.

This project builds on PUSH’s previous development work based on a large need in the community for affordable housing. We have over 600 households on our waiting list and new families fill out applications every day. As such, we are committed to creating high quality, sustainable, affordable housing in a way that meets community need and fits with the fabric of the neighborhood.

About the new buildings at West and Rhode Island:

PUSH is proposing to build two new buildings – one at West Avenue between Rhode Island and Massachusetts and one at the corner of Rhode Island and Fargo (625-635 West and 146-148 Rhode Island).  

625 West will include 6 1BR apartments and 9 2BR apartments, as well as a meeting room for tenants. The building will include 7 parking spaces for tenants

146-148 Rhode Island will include 4 2BR apartments. The building will include 3 parking spaces for tenants

PUSH is working very much within the green code on this to project, and PUSH has requested zoning variances for the building on West.  PUSH will request a variance for a small increase in allowable density – 2 additional apartments at 625-635 West
PUSH will also request a variance to create balconies in the side yard.  These variance requests directly respond to community feedback on a desire to have balconies, porches, and other outdoor space for the apartments PUSH needs these variances to make the overall project budget work – to create apartments the neighborhood needs, to create doubles in addition to small apartment buildings, and to create sustainability features.

About the new buildings planned at Congress and Delavan:

After hearing feedback from many neighbors, PUSH changed plans at this site.
PUSH will no longer build at 160 Congress and will work with neighbors/youth to find an appropriate alternate use for the property that prioritizes something for the youth in the neighborhood.

PUSH is proposing to build a new building at 225 W. Delavan that will include four 3-bedroom apartments.  The building will include 3 parking spaces for tenants.

About the new buildings planned at 297-301 Parkdale:

PUSH is proposing to build two new buildings at 297 and 301 Parkdale Avenue
Each building will include four apartments – 1 1-bedroom, 1 2-bedroom, 1 3-bedroom, and 1 4-bedroom.
The building will include 8 parking spaces for tenants

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