City of Buffalo to take action lowering amount of plastic pollution at Emerald Beach

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Emerald Beach is owned by the City of Buffalo and maintained by the Erie Basin Marina. To lessen the amount of trash and plastic pollution that actively or mistakenly becomes pollution near the beach, this petition proposes that the City of Buffalo & Department of Public Works, Parks & Streets enacts the following steps immediately yet no later than September of 2019 :

1. Place a minimum of 3 visible fine enforced anti littering signs on the light poles along Emerald beach at 329 Erie Street, Buffalo NY. Signs should be located between the William K restaurant and the observation deck.

2. Find a solution to the red trash bin issue. The wind constantly blows the bins over, spilling trash and plastic pollution into the surrounding area posing environmental and public health issues. Work with the community to problem solve this issue. A potential solve is to create heavy vessels, which the trash bins sit in, stopping them from blowing over, yet allowing them to be easily maintained by weekly contracted waste companies.

3.Add a minimum of 3 recycling bins in this area, these bins should be picked up weekly in the summer months & should live within the same solution as #2 so that recycling doesn't litter the area.

4.From the 1st of March - 1st of November, all trash or recycling bins in between the William K restaurant and Observation deck at 329 Erie Street is to be picked up and maintained on a weekly basis. After two years of research, it has been shown that the trash often sits for weeks in several areas. This leads to pollution and health safety issues.

5. Have a used needle drop box within 10 feet of Emerald Beach at 329 Erie street. There is ample research and documentation to show that hypodermic needles have been found laying on the beach, washing ashore, and hidden in the sand and/or old piles of sand, plastic and wood.