Remove ban on pitbull dogs

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Currently pitbull dogs are banned in Buffalo center IA. Pitbulls have a bad name but when raised correctly they can be very sweet, loyal, loving dogs just like any other kind of dog. In fact they are also seen as poor guard dogs because of how loving they can be .

They are also very smart dogs . They are also known to be happy when starting early in training because they like seeing their owners happy .

Some people might say pitbulls attack more than any other breed of dog but in response to this pitbulls are also a very popular breed of dog so would be more of them . Also alot of people take advantage of the strength of pitbulls and train them to be aggressive or attack. Another thing to mention is pitbulls do not have the strongest bite in dog breeds . If done research you will see the average strength of a domestic dog bite measured in PSI equals around 320 PSI . Pitbulls maxes out roughy around 235 PSI .

Banning dogs by their breed isn't fair to the dog . Especially since they don't get to choose their breed just like us humans don't get to choose our race. 

If I still don't have you convinced remember you will almost always hear about the bad things and very little on the good things . Just like going to a store and having a bad experience if it's bad enough you will talk about it . If it's good you will be happy and maybe mention to a few and after that let it go .

My goal would be to end the ban on pitbulls in Buffalo or at very least do a city vote to remove ban.