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Don't FORCE us to abandon our pets!

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To ask a responsible pet owner to abandon one of their pets is unacceptable. The city council has decided to "enforce" an old law on the books limiting pets ownership to two per household. They have stated that they intend to enforce this law and have given us until April 30th to "relocate" any pets we have over the limit. If the town needs the laws changed to correct a problem, then we can do that as a group and decide what best fits the needs of our community. We should not stand for a group of individuals forcing their way into our homes and demanding we get rid of one of our beloved pets. There are ways to fix problems in the community, but bullying people is not one of them. The methods of the city council are cruel and appalling.

To effect change in this town, we need to determine what the real problem is and address it. To penalize the people who are responsible, who pay the license fees year after year and who keep their pets fully vetted is ridiculous and does nothing to resolve the issues! The letter sent out by the council was sent to all the people who have bought pet licenses each year - whom they have happily taken these license fees from - the very people who are responsible! They are not even reaching the ones who have the problems or are the worst offenders. 

And how are they planning to enforce these laws now? Come inside our homes and count the numbers of pets we have even if these pets don't go outside? 

Please sign the petition so we can enact change that is effective, positive and reasonable.

Thank you. 

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