Save the wooden playground at Tom Varn Park

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The city of Brooksville has applied for a grant to replace the wooden the playground at Tom Varn Park.  The wooden playground that us locals have grown to love was built in 1990 for around $50,000 and has entertained countless children in its nearly 30 years of use.  Approximately 1,700 community volunteers helped to construct the 10,000 square foot playground over the course of approximately 5 days. It is a big piece of our community as a lot of us either know someone who helped build this, played on this ourselves as kids, or have brought our own children there to make memories. It's a historic piece of Brooksville in my opinion and it is the only park of its kind in Hernando county. Instead of replacing the wood that has rotten the city has decided to draw up a new design for the park which, unfortunately, closely resembles every other park in our county (a  plastic and metal model). I feel like as a community we should come together and repair this park to bring it up to date with the Americans with Disability Act instead of replacing so all kids for years to come can enjoy this piece of unique, nostalgic, local treasure. Please sign this petition and leave a comment about why this park is important to you! Thank you!