Pet Nanny denied Business Licence in City of Brooks

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Enid Stewart has applied for a development permit to obtain a business licence to operate a Pet Nanny business out of her home in the City of Brooks and has been denied due to some by-laws. Enid is handicapped and not only does she rely on this extra income to survive but she loves each and every pet she allows into her home and they become her friends and companions. She has been looking after pets for sometime but due to complaints she was forced to apply for a licence. The cost of the application was $400 and now she has been denied the permit, hence denied the opportunity to obtain a licence to run a business from her home.

Now she needs to appeal this decision. She only has a 21 day window in which to appeal to the City of Brooks. .   Please sign the petition below if you are in favor of allowing her to run this business out of her home within the city of Brooks. Please share this petition with your friends and ask them to also sign this petition.