Reject Brentwood Bound's Unfair, Unsafe Van Mark Way Dorothy Ave Plan

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Matthew Bowman
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For nearly 20 years, our family has lived on Dorothy Avenue in Brentwood. Along with our neighbors and local businesses vulnerable to flooding, we have waited far too long for a flood mitigation solution that would protect our property and finally give us peace of mind.  To us, despite the challenges, Brentwood is home. 

In 2019, Brentwood voters approved the $80 million Brentwood Bound project to resolve the flooding issues while adding amenities like parks, walking paths and green space.  Fast forward to March 2020 when the City approved a plan to rip out the walking path across from our residence and build a steep road directed at our property as a relocation solution to a large apartment complex entrance!  Picture approximately 200 cars, each day, driving down a hill towards our home, in all kinds of weather.  MoDOT, staff, experts, our family and our neighbors had many problems with this plan, including very real safety concerns.  Yet, the Board approved this design over another plan that was nearly 100% complete and determined as the safer, more economical option! 

Join us in saying NO WAY to the current Brentwood Bound Van Mark Way Dorothy Avenue design (the link below includes a visual of the current plan). The City needs to choose a different plan that does not harm ANY resident's quality of life, sense of safety and property values!!