PLEASE Help Me Support My Autistic Son's Adult Life.

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I have put together a proposal that will save the City & State money, it is fiscally responsible, it will allow my son and others like him the opportunity to live a more functional adult life promoting independence, technology, AI (artificial intelligence) and inclusive work opportunities. I want to create  an "Auti-B-Independent SH"
(SmartHome) for my son.  I would like it to be a very small home, utilizing the "AutiKnow " app that the COB, DOIT helped fund. This mobile application takes a child from early diagnosis right through their adult life. It is so easily customizable and we can teach vocational skills and employment, in addition to using the existing technology that is readily available on the market (not geared to special needs persons!) with few modifications we could make this a reality. This would not only be a plus for young adults with autism whom we know the statistics are staggering but also give children of aging parents/siblings/friends/relatives peace of mind while at the same time allowing them independence.  This will save a ton of money for the State and MassHealth/Medicaid on insurance.  Not to mention the law suits that are filed against the people the state hires to care for our loved ones. The law is not in place to protect our most vulnerable citizens. Elderly dementia/alzheimer's and persons with ID/DD/Autism with limited expressive speech and recall.  Families would have access to their loved ones 24/7 via their iPads or computers at all times. I am willing to take the lead on this and give 500% to its success. I know I can make it happen. I have a plan outlined but I need the funding and a small piece of land to make it a reality. With the support of vendors that could be sponsors to make this work and the PR would be great for them! I have proposed my idea to the Mayor's Office of New Urban Mechanics (MONUM) in the City of Boston and have been taken over to MIT by MONUM to present my idea to a doctor whom developed a smart home in Boston's Innovation District. (Not for the purpose I am describing but the idea is exactly what I want) He was very much impressed with what I had discussed with him and why. These people do not need a ton of space as they will be going out to their Vocational jobs in the morning and if we got them employment in the innovation district, we could eventually avoid the job coach, and use the autonomous cars for them to get to and from work. I know I can make this work but I cannot do this alone, I am not able to support my idea financially as I left my job to care for my 22 year old son with severe autism when he had to leave the school system and have 5 college tuitions so we are a one income family. It would be safe to say the system has failed him and our family terribly.  This is a major problem. BUT I am not one to walk away from a problem I have come up with a solution.  Please help me get it off the ground.  Perhaps Habitat for Humanity, Solar Powered Companies, Home Security Companies, Individuals who want to donate their time and skills to pay it forward, foundation funding and so forth. Autism is a major problem in the adult world and these figures are not getting any smaller, within the next 5 -7 years we have over 500,000 individuals who will be maxing out of the system and will need adult living arrangements. Parents will have to become one income families as one will have to leave their job to care for their aging adult. As a result people will not be able to meet their mortgages and will end up selling their homes, this is a win win. We will not have to rely on people who are not qualified so the state won't have to hire people who are not qualified, do not have appropriate training and we cannot Cori or Sori from other countries which will also save the state money.  Although they may pass them in MA we have no idea what may have occurred in the countries they originated from. Not to say like anything else all are bad but our family has lived & continues to be living a nightmare that occurred to their sibling and has affected each and every one of them and we still are dealing with the heartbreaking effects it has left on their brother, our son, his dad our entire family overall.  This is a real problem and I have never been one to sit back and let someone else do the work.  Please give our young adults and aging parents the opportunity to live close to home, or even within their own home settings with the proper modifications to give them that independence they deserve and to be treated with dignity and respect.  Technology can make a huge difference in their lives and we can make a difference in our urban cities by creating this model within our smart cities efforts. If I could even find out about zoning I would allow this pilot home to be built in my backyard if possible.  I am a lifelong resident of Boston and live in the home I grew up in with 12 siblings.  I don't want to move out of the city I love because this state is not dealing with our most vulnerable citizens appropriately, I want to work with City & State officials to change that.  I have a sound plan that will save the State money. Won't you consider helping me make that happen?  It could be your loved one that may need this at some point. We are all going to get old some day (it could be YOU) as well.  

Thank you.

Marie Duggan, mother of six and a lifelong resident of the City of Boston who would like to keep it that way.  If you are interested in helping or donating your services to my cause on behalf of young adults with autism and aging parents, please support my effort.  Together we can make a difference! No parent should go to bed at night like I do with the last thing I pray for is, "Please God, I am begging you, please don't  let me die before my son, he has suffered so much abuse already no one will ever care for him or understand him like I do."

I can be reached at  or  Mobile phone: 617 435-2307  Please leave a message/text as I am going in several different directions these days running a Boston Based volunteer non-profit  Technology For Autism Now, Inc, (TAN) and caring for my 27-year-old son daily. I can provide you with more information as I am in the process of turning this idea into a small video with all of the ideas I have mentioned above and more to help you visualize my intent and then some! Togetrher we CAN make a Difference, and at the end of the day, isn't that what is most important?  To be able to say, "I made a difference in the life of a child/individual less fortunate than myself!  What a great feeling, huh? 


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