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Bruce Meeks
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Petitioning the City Council members elected as representatives of the citizens of the City of Bloomington, Illinois. For them to not double the Local Motor Fuel Tax from $.04 per gallon to $.08 per gallon. (UPDATE: We will seek a vote to re-consider by the NEW Council after the April 2, 2019 Election.)

This increase of this regressive tax that is currently flat is not the funding method that we want used to FIX THE ROADS. This tax increase could have been on the ballot for the April 2, 2019 for citizen input on this matter from the voting booth. Not doing this was a decision keeping citizen input being locked out of having a voice in the local representative form of governing.

We, support The City Council of the City of Bloomington to NOW implement the following Five changes to the funding priorities, city code, budget amendment and re-allocation of funds from one or a mixture of funds for FIXING THE ROADS. Such as the General Fund, Surplus Monies from Fiscal year 2018-2019, and/or the "rain day" Fund. As while as funding from other line items of a lower priority be scarified to FIX THE ROADS.

1.) That the City Budget Review Committee review the proposed budget and look at what can be best labelled as "padding" of line items for Fiscal Year 2019-2020. With a special focus on NEXT YEAR / CURRENT YEAR BUDGET ANALYSIS to find areas that the increase is not justified by previous years ACTUAL MONIES SPENT. Which is one of the reasons that a surplus monies has occurred for many years and that money has not been used on FIXING THE ROADS.

2.) Change the Fiscal Year to a calendar year for starting FY 2020. With the budget amendment be for May 1, 2019 - December 31, 2019. Even if that requires a temporary one month budget to meet the State of Illinois legal requirements. This will allow all taxing revenue tools to be available at the same time to the City Council. This implementation would simplify the budget process as it becomes more tied to the tax levy, more time to evaluate, analyze and make decisions going forward for what is NEXT For Bloomington.

3). Creation of a new Enterprise Fund for roads and alleys only and have this part of. budget amendment for fiscal year 2019. This is for higher visibility and enforcement of the use of the monies. Sidewalks would not be a part of this new Enterprise Fund. Sidewalks can have it's own regular fund in the chart of accounts.

4.) That NO change to the current Local Motor Fuel Tax  ($.04) occur for the Budget year 2019.

5.) That FIXING THE ROADS become one of the top five priorities over any funding for items that are "nice to have", "wants" and instead be considered a public safety issue need and be included on the same list as Police and Fire. Indeed for Fiscal year 2019 that FIXING THE ROADS be considered an emergency item.