Making Everyone Happy with "Mom and Me"

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Dear City of Blanding, 

I hate for this issue to come down to this (a letter/petition), but here we are. On behalf of the other "mom and me" patrons of the pool, we would like to request that the entire swimming pool be available to children and their caregivers from 11:00-1:00 Monday - Friday. Here are some logical reason why this makes sense:

1. There are only two hours a day for younger kids to safely access and practice going down the slides, going off the diving board, using the logs, and using the steps to learn how to swim. These areas of the pool during open swim are INSANE and my three-year-old and six-year-old swimmers gets mowed down even in the "kiddie" section, not to mention my baby getting pummelled.

2. There are currently two, let me repeat that, TWO other times during the day for lap swim. This includes time on Saturday when there is not a "mom and me" time at all. There are over 6 hours Monday-Friday for lap swimming while "Mom and Me" is confined to 1 hour and 30 minutes in the kiddie section only. Gratefully there has been an effort to open up the entire pool from 12:30-12:50 (a whopping 20 minutes a day). Although that was a nice gesture, it's really a ridiculously short amount of time. It also doesn't make sense to get everyone out at 12:50 to take out lanes while two lifeguard go into the cage. At the very least, they should allow parents and kids to stay in the kiddie section while getting out lanes. 

3. The ladies who have complained about kids "getting in their way" during  "mom and me" are literally just walking back and forth. Their alleged complaints have been that they have set their hair and don't want to get it wet (insert eye roll), and they don't want to get up early or come later to "exercise" so thus the walking mid-day.

4.I have also heard that there aren't enough funds to add enough lifeguards to open the whole pool for "mom and me". I would also like to point out that the pool already loses money each year, so adding another lifeguard probably won't break the bank. I have also been to the pool multiple times during open swim when there aren't the "required" 7 lifeguards on deck anyway, so.............

5. In light of finding solutions and not excuses, I would propose (at the very least) that one lane be used during "mom and me" and the rest of the lap swim area be open to walkers, little swimmers (lap or non-lap) and adults who want to swim with their kids in water deeper than their knees. As a former lifeguard, WSI swim instructor and pool manager, it is so important for these little kids to use the stairs when learning to swim. Going from a verticle to a horizontal position is very hard to learn from a zero entry pool and this feature of "mom and me" is vital for these younger kids to learn how to swim. Both of my kids were independent swimmers by age 3 because of using the stairs during "mom and me". 


Cheyna Palmer and other concerned patrons of "mom and me". 

PS. This picture shows how many people were using the lap lane area today around noon.