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Let businesses thrive with a reasonable and realistic noise ordinance

Bend. For most of us, it’s a city of great outdoor events, live performances, charity centered, community based. For others, that’s the problem. Some are out to choke chain outdoor community events within Bend’s city limits. And Century Center, on Bend’s Westside, among other venues, are their excuses to change the rules and affect us all.

For most of us, supporting community through arts, events, and live performance is a no brainer. For others that’s all good as long as it’s happening somewhere else. They’re just a handful but well connected, and bending the right ears. Should Bend remain a dynamic community supporting city? Are you richer for the people and places that make it all happen? Is how we are and what we care about worth defending? Then speak up. Support vibrant community within the city limits of Bend. Stand for the non-profits, places, and people that make it all possible. Please SIGN THIS PETITION TO SUPPORT THIS CAUSE.

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