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Stop the killing of 3 beloved family dogs.

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Three Bordeaux Mastiffs, family raised and owned, are being wrongfully accused of attacking and killing another family dog, when 3 other dogs were also involved. Two foster dogs and another hound mix were also on the premises besides the mastiffs. No one saw what actually happened till after the fact and it was too late. It should also be noted, that the owner has had issues with a neighbor throwing table scraps over her 6ft. barricaded fencing, which has caused the dogs to get into fights, (Yes, this has been reported to the authorities numerous times). So why are the 3 Mastiffs being targeted and not the other dogs? This makes absolutely no sense.

When the attack occurred, the owner was hospitalized at the time, therefore was not home to prevent the mishap. Her mother, whom she lives with, was called to the scene and was practically traumatized by the incident. The police officer was able to walk into the backyard without being attacked; the dogs did not lunge towards him or try and bite. He, however, sprayed mace in the 3 mastiff’s faces, and also shot towards one of them. For what reason he did this, is not known; (what is known is the officer who showed up has always made waves with the pet owner and let personal issues take over rather than being professional). The animal control officer who showed up needs more adequate training in her job and at identifying breeds. She automatically labeled the mastiffs as pit bulls, and didn’t know how to constrain the youngest one that is still a puppy and has never worn a collar; a young dog that has never worn a collar will pull and tug, which is natural when a dog is scared. The owner is also upset that her dogs have never been quarantined or evaluated, which was thought to be a must.

The owner, who I should mention is terminally ill and a single mother, is absolutely devastated by everything that has happened and what the city of Belpre wishes to do. Her son, who is 12, is emotionally distraught and doesn’t understand why his loveable pet dogs will be taken away and put to death. These dogs have been socialized well, from being around kids, other dogs, cats and even rabbits.

The three Bordeauxs are properly secured on the owner’s property with 6ft high fencing that is also in the ground, they have their own huge housing area which is a large garage, with adequate food and water. These dogs are highly thought of and are part of a loving family. They are being made out as savages for all the wrong reasons. Please help in petitioning against this malicious act of putting them to death.

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