Skatepark in Austin Texas

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In the city of Austin, Texas, there are 3 skateparks. There is one in the downtown area, northeast area, and in the southeast Austin area. This leaves many people in the city without a place to go to legally practice skateboarding and other wheeled activities. This can force them to go to places which they are not permitted to go, like shopping centers or government buildings. This leads to the owner of the business to be largely inconvenienced by the sound of the skateboard's wheels, the marks it can leave, and the liability if the person gets hurt. This can lead to the police being called, which not only wastes tax dollars, but also wastes time for law enforcement where it could be used to crack down on human trafficking and the K2 epidemic, for example.

In 2012, 30 people died on a skateboard, all of which were on a roadway. The vast majority of them are because of skateboarders being hit by cars while skating through the road. It seems that too many skateparks are built because of a child being struck by a vehicle, like Jackson Tyler Norris in Buda. 

Skateboarding is the fastest growing sport among young people, with over 33 million all over the world, 11 million of which are in the United States. Austin, just like skateboarding, is growing at a rapid pace. More and more young people are moving here every year looking to tap into Austins job market and raise a family. Many children, once they get past the age of going to playgrounds, begin to pick up a sport. Whether it be basketball, baseball, or tennis, it seems that there are places all over for them to practice this. But it seems that in Austin, skateboarders of all races, ages, and genders, and held back from reaching their full potential. In cities like Seattle, which has a population of 704,352 people, has 16 public skateparks. Austin, in comparison, has 947,890 people and 3 public skate parks. Even if they dont stick with it for there whole lives, it will still teach them important life lessons that they can use later on in life. In the words of Jerry Seinfeld, “I’ll tell you one of the great activities is skateboarding.  To learn to do a skateboard trick, how many times do you gotta get something wrong til you get it right? …And you hurt yourself, and you learn to do that trick, now you got a life lesson.  Every time I see those skateboard kids, I think ‘those kids’ll be alright.’ ”. 


In conclusion, I, and many other people, believe that Austin should have another skatepark in order to improve the daily lives of business owners, children, police, and parents who wonder if their child will be struck by a car while skating in the street because they didn't have a skatepark that was close enough to them. 


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