Say No to Strip Clubs Near Childcare Centers, Playgrounds and Family Homes in Austin

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An out-of-town investor wants to build a strip club directly across the street from a park, child care center, and family apartment community in Southeast Austin. The site plan is currently under review and if approved, this strip club will be built uncomfortably close to where children live and play, in plain sight, right outside of their front doors.

The apartments, owned and managed by the local nonprofit Foundation Communities, is on Daffodil Drive, nestled behind busy East Ben White Boulevard.    See MAP                                                         

The community has 40 units and most of these are home to families with children. The residents recently discovered that the city is reviewing a site plan to build an adult cabaret directly on the other side of Daffodil Drive.

City code does not allow adult oriented businesses to be located within 1,000 feet of a school, church, public park or playground, licensed day-care center, museum, or library. However, because the park and child care facility are managed by a nonprofit agency rather than a public agency the code may allow for it. This is a disturbing loophole in the code.

We call on the city to follow the intent of the code and deny the site permit application on the grounds that an adult oriented business cannot and should not be developed within 1,000 ft of a park or child care center.                                                                                            

Please help Foundation Communities provide the safest possible environment for families and children by signing this petition.