Petition to keep SXSW ON. Stop the panic.

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THIS IS A PETITION TO KEEP SXSW ON SCHEDULE and counter the petition trying to irresponsibly, and without reasonable cause, cancel SXSW. 

There is a petition to cancel SXSW due to fears of spreading the coronavirus. This is an overreaction and is base purely on panic! If you go to the CDC website and read FAQs and recommendations, you will see there is absolutely no reason to cancel SXSW. Some media, wanting ratings and viewers, are, like many things, sensationalizing this virus and creating panic in exchange for those ratings. Read the CDC website on the facts, the risks, and the precautions.

The reasons for those wanting to cancel are based on overreaction and unnecessary fear, not the facts, or even the CDC recommendations. Please read the CDC recommendations on, specifically, travel. They even talk about the cruise ship environment where people from many countries could be gathered and living together on a ship. They don’t recommend not going on a cruise because of the coronavirus. Do people need to take precautions like washing their hands, hand sanitizer, etc etc? Yes. Does SXSW need to be cancelled? No! Sign the petition to keep SXSW 2020 on schedule!