Justice For Michael Hickson

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Michael Hickson was a 46 year old disabled Black man who contracted COVID-19 from a staff member in his nursing home, developed pneumonia and was hospitalized. He was then REFUSED FOOD AND TREATMENT for 6 days before he died on June 11th at St. David’s Hospital. The hospital and (temporary appointed guardian) Family Eldercare agreed on the action to withhold treatment, nutrition and hydration from Michael. He had a wife and 5 children.

“Who gets to make that decision whether somebody’s quality of life, if they have a disability that their quality of life is not good?” Melissa, Michael’s wife asks his doctor. “So as of right now, his quality of life — he doesn’t have much of one,” the doctor replied. “Will it improve his quality of life and the answer is no... At this point, we are going to do what we feel is best for him along with the state and this is what we decided,” he tells her. “Because he’s quadriplegic and has a brain injury?” She asks. “Correct.” He answers.

Michael’s life was worth trying to save. He was worth getting care, food and water even if the treatment didn’t end up saving him. He still deserved an equal chance as any able-bodied young person. He deserves justice. And this needs to stop happening. SIGN THIS PETITION AND ASK THE STATE OF TEXAS TO RIGHT THE WRONG THAT HAS HAPPENED TO MICHAEL. AND to do something to ensure this doesn’t keep happening to more and more disabled people. 

One of the many, many Black disabled people being MURDERED... yes I am using that word because that’s what it is... by medics (sometimes being ordered by the state) who are refusing to treat disabled people with COVID. This is because they think disabled lives aren’t worth living, especially if they’re not white. That there’s no value in lives with disabilities, and the more intersections of marginalization - the less they’re worth.

These eugenics haven’t just been going on during COVID by the way. This goes on all the time, you just never hear about it. You’re barely hearing about the rapidly increasing amount of ones happening right now.  The only reason this one was publicized is because the dialogue between his wife and doctor was recorded so there’s proof of it and it can’t be buried.

Cops aren’t the only one murdering Black disabled people. So are doctors. The medical industrial system is messed up too.