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Why are the anti-abortion laws getting more attention than the child abuse laws??

Why are the drug dealers getting life sentences for selling narcotics to people who choose to do the drugs??

November 2010, 2 year old Carlos DeLaRosa received a life sentence that no one can appeal. His young life was taken by his own uncle, some one who he trusted an looked to as a father. 

Mark Paniagua was sentenced to ONLY 13 years in prison for  the murder of Carlitos. 

He'll be able to walk free, an continue on with his life, watching his kids grow an become young adults. He'll be able to do all the things that we will never be able to do with Carlos.

Mark comes up for Parole in May 2017, after serving only 7 years of his 13 year sentence. 

Why was there no justice for Carlos?? 

How many other kids are going to have to loose their innocent lifes before somebody stands up an says 'This is enough'!!

Carlos didn't have a chance to fight back... 

It may be too late to save him, but it will never be too late to fight back, for Carlos, an all the other children out there who have been or who could become the next victims of child abuse.

13 years is not long enough.


Don't give him a chance to hurt another child.


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