Election Day City-Wide Holiday in Austin, TX

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"If you need more proof that our system is NOT designed to empower us, look no further than the fact that election day is NOT a holiday, and we are NOT automatically registered to vote."


Why are we not automatically registered to vote? 
Why is election day not a holiday? 
Who benefits from low voter turnout? 
Who benefits from low citizen participation? 
Who suffers when the people become apathetic to our governing system? 
What is the result of severe lack of trust in our governing system?

1. Election Day must become a city holiday, where ALL people are free from their work and able to vote with ease and comfort 
2. Increase Polling Locations to Serve neglected communities
3. Ensure that 100% of eligible citzens are registered to vote
4. Expand Voter Education programs in weeks leading up to elections, so citizens know their options in a fair and unbiased way
5. Cooperate with State and County officials to ensure laws are fair, export this model to other cities and towns