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Austin, TX: South Austin Neighbors OPPOSE 7-Eleven on Slaughter Ln. at Sendera Mesa

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The Neighbors of Sendera and surrounding communities have ample concerns and objection to the construction of a 7-Eleven convenience store and gas station at Slaughter Lane and Sendera Mesa. (City of Austin permit/case # 2017-143581 SP)

These neighbors are adamantly opposed to a 7-Eleven for the following reasons:

1.  The traffic and congestion between Brodie and Mopac on Slaughter Lane causes Sendera to be used as a cut through and short cut.  The addition of a gas station/convenience store will absolutely increase the traffic congestion on these main streets and increase the drivers using our neighborhood as a short cut around it.    

2.  The bar, Backspin (in the same parking lot), opening up in 2009 has already increased traffic, crime and accidents in our neighborhood.  There have been at least 6 DWI's and accidents in Sendera directly related to Backspin.

3.  Our neighborhood is already used as a cut through since there is not a south bound entrance onto Mopac from Davis lane. The streets of Copano Dr., Ramie's Run, Hoffman Dr. and Sendera Mesa Dr. are highly effected by this. Adding this gas station to the corner of Sendera Mesa will greatly increase cut through traffic from surrounding neighbors.  

4.  There is a high level of concern due to the level of environmental impact to our neighborhood.  Including: The gas fumes out of the vent pipes; even though there is a recovery and monitoring system.  Spilled gasoline- even though the hoses are a lot safer than they used to be, people still end up dripping gas by over-filling, or by pulling the nozzle out while there is still gas in the hose. Pollution and noise from older cars coming to refuel. Potential for fires and explosions. And the gas tanker truck that will show up about once a week to refuel the underground tank. More often if the volume of sales is higher.

5.  We are directly in the Edwards Aquifer Recharge Zone.  The additional pollution and run off from another gas station in the area is not good for the environment.

6. There will be a direct impact to our neighbors on the southwest side of of the neighborhood with the extra lights from the station that will be on almost all the time, especially at night, including not only the lights under the fueling canopy and the lights inside the store/office, but also the sign lights, both for the business sign as well as the gas pricing sign(s).

7.  Our neighborhood has been been HIGHLY impacted by vehicle break ins and mailbox break in's in the last year.  500 Mailbox robberies have happened within a 1/4 mile around Sendera in the past year..  There has been no remedy for this and continues to be a major problem due to the increased traffic to our neighborhood.  Obviously there is a huge concern that the addition of a high traffic gas station/ convenience store would increase this type of crime in our neighborhood.  

8.  There would be an expected property value decrease, most especially on the properties closest to the development.  

These residents of Sendera and surrounding communities are asking the City of Austin to REJECT case # SP-2017-0457C and the development of a 7-Eleven at 5000 W. Slaughter Ln. Bldg. 5.  It would be a negative impact on our neighborhood and community.   


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