Approve The Rainbow Crosswalks In Austin, TX

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Joseph Sharber
4 years ago
I work in this area and it would cheer me up everyday!

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Veronica Zapata
4 years ago
I am a proud bisexual women ! And this is the begging of acceptance for all !

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Anita Kanitz
4 years ago
The creation of gender (so-called nature) by law was systematic, sophisticated, supremely intelligent; behavior regulated to produce social conditions of power and powerlessness experienced by the individuals inside the social system as the sexual natures inside them as individuals. There were the great, broad laws; prohibiting sodomy; prescribing fucking in marriage; directing the fuck to the vagina, not the mouth or the rectum of the woman because men have mouths and rectums too; legitimizing the fuck when it produces children; each turn of the screw so to speak heightening gender polarity and increasing male power over women, fucking itself the way of creating and maintaining that power. ... Opposites were created; a hierarchy was created; intercourse expressed both the opposition and the hierarchy. Intercourse became the "natural" expression of the different "natures" of men and women, each pushed away from having a common human nature by laws that prohibited any recognition of sameness; each pushed into a sexual antagonism created by the dominance and submission that was the only intimacy they shared.

— Andrea Dworkin, Intercourse

Childbearing is glorified in part because women die from it.

Andrea Dworkin

Many lesbians were or are famous women like:

Jane Addams Facts

Known for: founding of Hull-House; her work was foundational to the social work profession

Occupation: settlement house reformer, pacifist, women's rights advocate
Dates: September 6, 1860 - May 21, 1935
Also Known as: Laura Jane Addams
Jane Addams Biography

Jane Addams was born in Cedarville, Illinois. Her mother died when she was two, and she was raised by her father and, later, a stepmother, Anna Haldeman.

Her father was an active politician as well as a wealthy businessman and active church member. He was one of the founders of the Republican Party, elected to the Illinois State Senate from that party in 1854 and serving until 1870.

Jane Addams graduated from Rockford Female Seminary in 1881, among the first students there to take a course of study equivalent to that of men at other institutions. She was valedictorian. Her father, whom she admired tremendously, died that same year, 1881.

Jane Addams attended Woman's Medical College in Pennsylvania, but she left the college, probably due to her ill health and her chronic back pain. Jane Addams toured Europe 1883-5 and then lived in Baltimore 1885-7, but did not figure out what she wanted to do with her education and her skills.

At the time, an educated woman usually had few options outside of teaching school or becoming a missionary. She later described this as a woman's choice between the "family claim" and the "social claim" -- to serve through having a family, or to serve society more broadly through social service work.

The enslavement of women and girls since humankind exists, is funded by the enslavement of their bodies and their sexuality. It is funded by rape culture, forced marriages, child marriages, forced child births, forced FGM, paid and unpaid rape in prostitution and pornography, marital rape, sex trade, sex slavery, denied human rigths, education, gender equality and denied contraception and abortion.Denied contraception and abortion means forced childbirths, funding of rape culture and misogyny. The best contraception is to have no intercourse with men or that men and boys not rape and abuse women, girls and female childs against their will. The marriage between men and women is glorified, but in the the most cases there are domestic violence and murder, sexual violence and verbal abuse. Rape culture, marital rape, gang rapes, corrective rapes, child rapes connected with sexual and domestic violence, with underaged and forced marriages, sexual and domestic murder are common wordlwide and the normal way of life in all countries. Rape videos, sex trade and rape porns are common worldwide. Females are treated like garbage and worthless objects. In all countries there are femicides, female infanticide and the forced abortion of female babies. That's a shame for our whole planet.

Sexual violence is by definition, rape.
Having initial vaginal intercourse is painful and uncomfortable whereas clitoral stimulation is immediately pleasurable.
PiV is the default mode of our male defined views of human sexuality, not based upon a female viewpoint.
Money, power, and fame are primarily of use to males in obtaining more sex. They do not provide the same value to women.
Pregnancy is enslavement and not a forgivable excuse for rape since other forms of non violent insemination exist.

PIV (penis in vagina) intercourse is considered to be the definition of “normal” sex by doctors, psychologists, TV, and most men. But should putting the penis in the vagina be considered the only way to have sex, or even a normal way?
Let’s examine some myths:

Having PIV is the only way to get pregnant. Not true. Sperm can swim up the vagina from the outside.

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Justin Gonzales
4 years ago
It's time there is a designated safe space and recognition of the homosexual experience.

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Dale WhistlerDaleW
4 years ago
I want everyone to feel welcome.

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Holly Ahi
4 years ago
This is great!

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katy bartels
4 years ago

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Casey Robinson
4 years ago
Rainbows are beautiful

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Cara Daeschner
4 years ago
I am signing because I completely support love and equality.

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Tanya Voss
4 years ago
I'm signing because symbols are important, colors are fun, and we need to keep Austin's character Bild not bland.