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2627 W. 45th Street Should Not Become a Driveway for The Grove

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2627 W. 45th Street, also known as Lot 43 in Shoal Creek Village, Section 2, is zoned SF-2, and a one-story single-family home is currently on the property. The home is situated on a neighborhood street. In April 2015, ARG Bull Creek Ltd. purchased this property. Just a few months prior, ARG was the winning bidder on the 75-acre tract adjacent to homes on W. 45th Street. When ARG released their first master plan for their proposed "The Grove at Shoal Creek" planned use development on April 2, 2015, 2627 W. 45th Street was not included in the master plan. However, that had changed by the time ARG released their second master plan on July 9, 2015. The July 9 plan showed that 2627 W. 45th Street would be used as a vehicular driveway.

The Bull Creek Road Coalition, or BCRC, is comprised of representatives from the seven neighborhood associations that surround the 75-acre tract. On July 29, 2015, BCRC released its Alternative Vision for the site, which limited use of 2627 W. 45th Street to pedestrian and bicycle access. Then, in October 2015 ARG released a Traffic Input Analysis that states "No access directly to 45th is planned." Many took this along with other assurances that 2627 W. 45th would not be used for vehicle access and thought this was one issue that had been resolved.

We were wrong.

On March 25, 2016, the City of Austin issued a memo stating "After interdepartmental discussion, the proposed development shall dedicate Jackson Avenue as a public roadway to the City of Austin. As agreed by the applicant, Lot 43, Shoal Village Section 2, shall be dedicated as public right-of-way to the City of Austin for the extension of Jackson Avenue to 45th Street." 

You may be asking yourself, "Why is the developer dedicating this lot to the City of Austin when all other streets in the proposed development are private streets?" Shoal Village Section 2 is affected by deed restrictions or restrictive covenants that limit use of these lots for "residential use." Presumably, the City believes that it can skirt the deed restrictions for "public policy"--in this case, a roadway to support a large development that cannot rely solely on Bull Creek Road. Instead of modifying the development to work within the confines of the land, the City of Austin and ARG have decided to instead modify the neighborhood to make the development fit.

If you are a resident of Austin, please sign this petition if you agree that 2627 W. 45th Street should not be used as an access point to The Grove. It is already very sad that this original structure built in the 1950's is likely to be demolished (it has Queen Anne style touches and is arguably one of the cutest houses on the block), but we cannot let the developer encroach on property owners near the proposed development even further by allowing ARG and the City of Austin to insert a roadway in the middle of a neighborhood street that will carry 3,000 cars a day (source: Milestone presentation, March 30, 2016).

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