Opposition to Homeless Shelter/Center proposed location ~ 1112 W. Ben White Blvd. 78704

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Cleo Petricek
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City of Austin residents are in opposition of the Homeless Center/Shelter proposed location ~ 1112 W. Ben White Blvd. 

Having homeless centers that provide services so these individuals have opportunities for employment, shelter, drug and mental health treatment will be of great benefit to them and to the City of Austin, however, the location of the center currently proposed at 1112 W. Ben White Blvd is in direct conflict with many South Austin residents. Furthermore, Ann Kitchen had indicated in previous neighborhood meetings, that the Homeless Center/Shelter would not be close to residential areas.

Over the last several months, many residents and businesses in the area have experienced significant hardship related to the increased homeless population in the area.  From physical confrontation to residents feeling unsafe to walk pets to female employees fearing confrontation while tending to businesses, there is a general sense that the problem has grown to concerning proportion.  South Austin residents have long been a tolerant and compassionate group but the recent concentration of homeless along the 290 corridor is unreasonable.  Residents fear that the new plan will serve to permanently attract and concentrate the problem.  It is noted that there is no proposal to install a permanent police substation in the area which would give comfort to residents.  The city has provided unsatisfactory insight into the services planned at this shelter and safeguards for nearby residents and businesses.  

More open forums and discussion is needed with the city to discuss: 

1) Proximity of shelter to residential areas,

2) Proximity to school zones

3) Police station, police presence near shelter

4) Drug treatment center location

5) City council should conduct more meetings with neighborhoods to discuss proposed sites

6) Consistent weekly clean-up of homeless tents/concentrated areas.